better health and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

A new study suggests that people who eat nuts tend to have a lower risk of heart disease and healthier eating habits. Nuts are generally considered part of a healthy diet due to their high protein, fiber and healthy fat content. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that people who eat tree nuts … Read more

8 daily health and wellness habits for a longer life

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After a lifetime of research, a Frenchman rewarded for having found the cause of narcolepsy

It’s a disease “weird”, “unbelievable”, but also “devastating”including patients with “suffering terribly”. Frenchman Emmanuel Mignot has devoted his career to the study of narcolepsy, until he found the cause and thus shed some light on one of the great mysteries of biology: sleep. Drugs under development His discovery, at the heart of the meanders of … Read more

Khosta-2, a “strange” virus close to Covid-19 discovered in Russia

By SudOuest.frPublished on 09/24/2022 at 10:03 Khosta-2, a virus close to Covid-19, was discovered in Russia. It could infect humans and resist coronavirus vaccines. Scientists call for the development of universal vaccines against this type of virus A new virus close to Covid-19 intrigues international scientists. According to a study by researchers at Washington State … Read more

Beware of fly vomit, they are full of pathogens

Biting flies pose a threat to human health. Researchers have understood this for a long time. And they show today how flies that don’t bite can be just as dangerous. Their lethal weapon: vomit! Sensitive souls refrain ! What follows might just turn your stomach. Because, even if the fly vomit remains microscopic, it can … Read more