Meta could launch a cryptocurrency exchange and compete with Binance and Coinbase! | Binance, Coinbase, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta

Meta has filed five trademark applications in the United States for its rebranded Meta Pay payment product. The trademarks indicate that the company may be looking to launch a series of crypto products, including a Web3 wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange. Meta Pay Trademark Filings Indicate Pivot to Web3 Meta’s latest trademark filings indicate that … Read more

UNDERSTAND IT ALL – What is monkeypox, of which several cases have been detected in Europe?

Several dozen cases of this rare disease originating in Africa have been identified in Europe since the beginning of May. Spain has launched a health alert, and the Kingdom fears a community infection. After the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain, it is Canada and the United States which indicated on Wednesday that they had detected … Read more

The Tesla Semi will soon hit the roads

After several postponements, the arrival of the Tesla Semi now seems imminent: the firm has finally opened orders. To say the Tesla Semi was expected is an understatement. Mentioned for the first time in Elon Musk’s Master Plan in 2016, then officially revealed in the course of 2017, the electric truck is starting to be … Read more