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25 Funniest Google Searches!

If you’re in front of Google and want a laugh, try one of these 25 funniest searches you can find there.

Why do people do weird funny searches?

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Pensive young woman in front of her computer Credits: Melpomenem

Google is definitely the one search engine the most popular. Also, it only appears when connecting to the Internet. Google is consulted even when the search engine is different. In short, Google is the search engine favorite on the entire web.

According to statistics made on a blog in 2021, Google has an index of almost 30 trillion pages. The search engine records no less than 85,000 requests per secondan average of just under 7 billion daily. 15%of these requests are new.

Not surprisingly, Google owns it monopolyon most of what happens on the Internet. It can be marketing, e-mail, operating system, etc. In other words, Google is everyone’s best friend who needs to search the Internet.

However, you should know that man is sometimes strange. The content that can be found by opening Google Chrome is so vast that many end up getting lost. This ends the conducted searches out of the ordinary. It is not uncommon for someone who has spent several hours on the Internet to go from “How to improve SEO references as a web editor? » to « How to style a goat? “.

Just because Google Chrome has the answer. And when it comes down to it, it is absolutely everything ! You can even ask Google for your first name and you’ll get an answer down to the minute. If you just want to do weird Google searches, by all means go for it delete your history so that shame does not overtake you. Fortunately, Google Chrome has private navigationwhich allows you to do your research with impunity without having to delete anything.

Execute fun searches is specific forhuman 2.0. It is true that many questions remain unanswered when we ask them to ourselves.

  • Why is the sky blue?
  • How do fish see in the water?
  • How do I store all my tools in my toolbox?
  • Why is Google called Google?
  • Is Michael Jackson really dead?
  • Why “all attached” is written in two words and why “separate” is written in one?

In short, there are lots of questions that don’t always find answers. It is therefore search engine Google exists. It is responsible for responding to each request and displaying a response to satisfy the curiosity of each Internet user.

that peculiar to humans is to know and understand what surrounds him, even at the expense of a semblance of intelligence, pragmatism, realism and dignity. Because if among those search trends first you have “Why milk a llama?” », and in second place « Why don’t mushrooms grow on trees? is that there is a problem. Of course, this situation is exaggerated, although some may have already wondered about these topics. This does not prevent many stupid questions that near limits of genius placed upon Google is truly astronomical.

25 Funniest Google Searches!

Woman laughing at her computer Credits: fizkes

How far does human stupidity go? ? To answer this question, here 25 Funniest Google Searches in France. Attention ! Some are carried out by people of somewhat questionable mental health. Research is relative trash and is not suitable for sensitive audiences. The editors disclaim any responsibility for the shock that their results may cause you. If you are one of the sensitive users of Google Chrome, go your way by clicking here. If you are among the bravest, here are these searches:

  1. Know the election results in advance : of course we are more than 67 million French, but this person is the only one who wants information earlier than everyone else. Maybe to sell the collected data and then buy hosting for his website specializing in the fetal position? We’ll never know.
  2. Dummy without a jaw : When you’re told that beauty standards in France have changed enormously, it’s no joke.
  3. Bicycle rider in underpants : there is nothing wrong with liking men, cycling and panties. But when you love all 3 too much, the result is that Google searches for those things. If the search engine in question were human, it would be depressed.
  4. Food for an overweight cat : cats are real stars on the internet. In the ranking of the French’s favorite animals, they come in second place. It is then normal that we look for some tips to make them lose extra kilos and help them find the line.
  5. Smoking in large quantities on a school bus : the French, and more specifically the Parisians, are known to be heavy smokers. But from there to wanting to smoke in large quantities on a school bus, one must have reached the maximum degree of “I don’t care”.
  6. News war Russia Ukraine : in France we love information and we all want to be exclusive on the scoop of the year. Only we understand nothing of what is happening and wait for the TV news for a detailed explanation.
  7. How to kill your wife without a trace : did you know that according to statistics worldwide, including France, the first reason for divorce is marriage?
  8. Eat shark in Metz : it is said that in China shark fins are a delicacy. Impossible to blame a poor Frenchman who wants to be up to date and who tries to get his pass to the closed world of haute cuisine by attempting the impossible.
  9. Buy pubic hair : we delve into the research done by pre-pubescent youths who are addicted to the internet and who believe that everything that can be found on Google is true.
  10. How to please a woman? : what is the definition of “content”? in everyday life? professional? In love? Sexual? Google knows many sites that can answer this question.
  11. I will join Al– Qaeda either this person does not understand the source of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or they have lost an important place in their previous business, or they have no contact with any kind of information and news. At least that’s the very definition of “I don’t think, but I still am”.
  12. Is the health card waterproof? : no one told this unfortunately that the health card should not stay in the pocket of his floral bathing suit? So now is the time or never!
  13. News about covid : you’ll notice the singular for “news”. This disease seems to have completely disappeared after putting the world on hold and establishing the obligation to have a watertight health passport. We did our research, the health card is indeed mandatory, but no information on whether it is waterproof or not, even Google has its limits.
  14. Photo of a sheep and a hanging ball : why a sheep? Why a hanging ball? Do we need a fishing line to get it up? What is the ideal tool for this? Don’t the sheep get too stressed a few centimeters above French territory? Still so many questions for Google Chrome.
  15. Tips to become a whore in 10 steps : Yes, times are hard. And as Cosette says so wellMiserable “Let’s sell what’s left!” “. So why not finally? It’s a well-paid job that doesn’t require dealing with one-euro coins, and it’s also a good way to combine business with pleasure. Advice: remember a forest located near Boulogne before you make your decision.
  16. French song that contains na, na, na, na, na : the worst thing is that this research method works and is even very effective. But to avoid this, you need to know that your smartphone has a tool called Shazam that allows you to find any song in the wide world of the Internet.
  17. breeding endive : it is clear that none of the pictures in our old science book described the reproduction of endive. This may be a marketing stunt by endive growers who don’t want the world to know enough about their questionable breeding methods.
  18. Sexuality in subnavy : it is certainly not one of the services offered by Captain Nemo in his submarine, the Nautilus. He probably wouldn’t think twice about letting the curious stand on the dock and start the engines.
  19. Is egg white rooster semen : another who hasn’t taken science classes and is trying to catch up on research in Google Chrome.
  20. Why is Google the French’s favorite search engine? : already, because it appears first, and second reason, the time Internet Explorer does not provide results in terms of statistical data, we have time to make children, and they, children in return . Internet Explorer’s Twitter must surely be talking about the appearance of a serious disease, Covid.
  21. What happened to my childhood blog? : it is still active. You can then relive how much the world hated you and how much you hated the world, correcting your spelling mistakes along the way. Today, the blog has given way to websites, pages on social networks and users who write French mistakes.
  22. What are the sexes of crocodiles? : click on “images” after doing the search. You are sure to find decent results on websites specializing in reptiles.
  23. Middle name Emmanuel Macron : the French politician, whose services to the nation were to end in 2022, has the middle name Jean-Michel, followed by Frédéric. This is one of those pieces of information that is useless but does so much good when known.
  24. world stop covid : It’s no secret that the world has been on hold for a long time due to covid. Suffice to say, because of this disease, Earth was on sick leave! Covid is the source of the emergence of many remote work positions, which is not the worst result of the global pandemic.
  25. Google : it is true that typing “Google” on the search engine of the same name may seem strange. But if you type “Google” and hit “Enter,” you’ll find an astronomical amount of information about the company that runs your favorite search engine. Fun fact: If you type “Google Google Google Google Google Google Google” seven times “Google”, absolutely nothing happens.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive regarding unusual searches on Google and only includes those performed in France. Do you know that there are almost 7000 languages ​​all over the world? This means that Google would have to review searches in all these languages.

Tip: If your searches are unsuccessful, or if the results from search engine number ONE are not satisfactory, instead of pressing “Enter” after typing your query, press “News”. Through this tab you will find more current facts about a given topic. The results obtained differ from the normal search.

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