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3 days 100% open source with Google, OVHcloud, GitHub, (…)

For 13 years, SophiaConf has been the reference event that unites and animates the economic actors of the Free Riviera. Free, or open source, is an approach oriented towards the common good, allowing the sharing of knowledge through software sharing. Precursor of the notion of Tech For Good, it allows the free use of software: freedom to modify the software, freedom to use the software, freedom to understand the software, and freedom to redistribute the software; these are the 4 values ​​of Open Source.

Open source software makes up the majority of technology used today: from mobile phones to the Internet of Things, including servers and Internet applications, you use it everywhere!

France, and in particular the Côte d’Azur, has many actors and consumers of Free Software, and this year again, SophiaConf brings together these nuggets to share their experiences and knowledge during 3 days articulated in afternoons of technical workshops and evenings of conferences, around open source, IoT and devops.

Even more, SophiaConf welcomes in particular as headliners, evangelizers from renowned entities in the Free Software universe: Laurent GRANGEAU, Solutions architect at Google; David APARICIO, DataOps Engineer at OVHcloud; Tugdual GRALL, Solutions Engineer at GitHub, Christophe DE DINECHIN, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and Benjamin FUENTES, Technical Lead at Marigold.

SophiaConf 2022 is aimed at all professionals, students and open source enthusiasts, with technical sessions for experimenting with open source technologies for insiders, and conferences for all levels.


Monday, June 27

From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., 2 parallel workshops will open this edition to allow participants to learn about the joys of decentralized applications via the Tezos blockchain with Marigold, or to become a devops who knows how to deploy his apps and manage them as a team in a way secured on K8S via GitOps with Google and The Garage Band of IT.

- From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., after an introduction to Tezos – the blockain made in France – with Marigold, we will talk about security with Security By Design OVHcloud then with the memory encryption of containers with Red Hat. We will end with optimized and secure continuous integration and deployment for K8S with Google.

Tuesday, June 28

- From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., participants will be accompanied on the coolest features of GitHub for their development and deployment with GitHub, or they can look into integrating automated tests into their CI/CD with Cerberus Testing.

- And from 6 p.m., the conference will open with a panel of the most beautiful IT service failures, becauseyou never learn better than by mistakes and failures, with OVHcloud. This will then be followed by a discovery of AI functions at the service of developers with GitHub, an introduction to the open source testing platform Cerberus Testing, and we will conclude with a feedback on Hadoop and its monitoring in production by Amadeus.

Wednesday, June 29

Before the evening dedicated to the Internet of Things, the afternoon will be rich: participants will discover multicontainer deployment on docker with the study of the yaml configuration for a use case with openldap with Erwann Simon; while others will deal with the subject of accessibility for applications, which are mandatory in particular for public administrations with Atos.

- The curious and passionate about digital manufacturing will benefit from free and fun tours of the Sophia Antipolis FabLab which will welcome for the occasion 2 French manufacturers of essential machines for prototyping, Volume 3D (professional 3D printers) and Holimaker (plastic injection presses) for product demonstrations.

- In the evening, after an introduction to open traffic to use camera data with the Factory of Mobilitieswe will dive into the field of IoT with the final of the Connected Objects & Services Trophy 2022, with the presentation of the 8 projects of the candidate teams, then the award ceremony.

Entertainment and conviviality

Each conference evening will be followed by a friendly networking cocktail. Several activities are planned every day from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., as well as the last evening dedicated to the IoT and the SoFAB Connected Objects & Services Trophy competition:

- Roll in Bar (27-28-29 June from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.): the Roll’in Bar invites the public to live a creative, sparkling and refreshing experience. The smoothie bike allows you to create smoothies and fruit juices by the minute thanks to a mixer placed at the front of a bike. A little effort for a delicious reward and to fill up on energy, vitamins and fun!

- Sophia Antipolis craft beer tasting : the participants will leave after the conferences with a refreshment signed Craftazur, an artisanal microbrewery located in Sophia Antipolis.

- SoFAB Makers’ Party and awards ceremony for the 2022 Connected Objects & Services Trophy (June 29 at 8 p.m.) : as every year, the SophiaConf IoT evening will highlight several prototypes developed by SoFAB Makers in the form of demonstrations, after the conference. During the Fête des Makers, the winner of the competition will be announced. Who will succeed La dernier fournée (connected bakery), winner 2021?

More information on the event, the program and registration HERE

Registration for technical workshops is chargeable for non-Telecom Valley members (free for members), events and conferences are free for all.




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