3 new features for Performance Max campaigns

Google introduces new features for Performance Max campaigns. The goal: to make it easier for advertisers to acquire new customers and better understand the performance of their campaigns.

As of November 2021, Performance Max campaigns are available to all advertisers. These campaigns aim to increase conversions across all of Google’s advertising channels: Search, Display, Discover, Gmail, YouTube and Maps.

1. A new customer acquisition goal in Performance Max

Over the next few weeks, a new customer acquisition objective will be rolled out in Performance Max for all advertisers. Google specifies: “This option was previously available to retailers using Smart Shopping campaigns and is now expanding to more advertiser objectives in Performance Max. »

With this new customer acquisition objective, you can either:

  • Bid more for new customers rather than existing customers,
  • Focus your optimizations only on new customers while ensuring your profitability.

2. New information on Page Insights

On Page Insights, you will find two new types of information on your Performance Max campaigns:

  • Insights on your assets: you’ll be able to better understand how your text, images, and videos resonate with specific customer segments (as seen in the image above).
  • Insights on interests: With insights into consumer interests, you’ll see the top performing and relevant search topics for your campaigns (as seen in the image below).
New insights into consumer interests. ©Google

Please note: these new features will be rolled out to all advertisers in the coming weeks.

3. Upgrading your Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a notification in your Google Ads account when the updater is ready for your Smart Shopping campaigns. It will also be possible to access the tool from the page Recommendations and page Campaigns. Good to know: You can start updating your local campaigns in June.

When you upgrade your Smart Shopping or local campaign, it becomes a new, separate Performance Max campaign that retains lessons from your previous campaign to maintain consistent performance, says Eduardo Indacochea, Director product management at Google Ads.

An update of your Smart Shopping campaigns in one click. ©Google

Source: Google

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