3 years in prison for ex-footballer Tony Vairelles

The Nancy Criminal Court has rendered its decision in the case of the shooting of the nightclub “Les Quatre As”, which had occupied it for a week in mid-March. Fabrice, 55, and Tony Vairelles, the former ASNL football player, 49, were found guilty of aggravated violence and were sentenced to 5 years, including 2 years suspended, as well as a ban on possess or carry a weapon for a period of 5 years.

The two men, who are therefore sentenced to prison for a period of 3 years, were not present when the court’s decision was rendered.

The arrest warrant has not been issued against the two brothers, but if they do not appeal, which seems unlikely, Fabrice and Tony Vairelles will, for the time being, be obliged to return to prison in the coming months. Having served respectively 5 and a half and 5 months of pre-trial detention, they have more than two years left (maximum limit to benefit from an adjustment of sentence) to serve.

The two youngest brothers, Jimmy, 41, and Giovan, 30, are sentenced to 3 years, 2 of which are suspended, also with this ban on carrying and possessing a weapon for 5 years.

In March, at the end of his requisitions, François Pérain, the public prosecutor of Nancy, had requested 3 years firm against Fabrice and Tony Vairelles and 6 months firm for the two youngest brothers. He did not require a warrant of committal.

Council of the four Vairelles brothers with his colleague Me Frédéric Berna, Me Virginie Barbosa refused to comment on leaving the courtroom.

Also prosecuted for aggravated violence committed against Jimmy and Giovan Vairelles, three of the “Four As” bouncers were found guilty: Carlo di Napoli and his brother Baldassare, both 57, were given a 4-month suspended sentence and Peter Gerdum at 3 months suspended. The prosecution had only requested the conviction of the last named, considering that the two brothers could benefit from self-defense.

On Sunday, October 23, 2011, around 3 a.m., three bouncers at the “Les Quatre As” nightclub in Essey-les-Nancy were shot. Arrested, indicted for attempted murder and remanded in custody, the four Vairelles brothers were released and placed under judicial supervision in the spring of 2012. They have always denied being armed and having fired the slightest shot.

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