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4680 batteries are coming, recharging is now much faster

The first Tesla cars equipped with the new 4680 battery cells have just been delivered. And according to early adopters, they offer significantly faster recharging speeds than previous batteries.


While Tesla and Panasonic are currently working hand in hand to offer a much more autonomous battery by 2030, the new 4680 battery cells of the car brand of Elon Musk are revealed. The latter have even been embarked on Tesla Model Y which have just been delivered. Tesla’s 4680 batteries are larger than the previous ones. The name 4680 corresponds to its dimensions: a diameter of 46 millimeters and a height of 80 millimeters. To compare with older Tesla batteries, these are currently composed of 2170 cells.

But it’s not really the size that counts with these new 4680 battery cells. In reality, it is mainly the energy density that is very interesting. Because on paper, these new 4680 cells must offer six times the power of Tesla’s old 2170 cells, and almost five times the energy capacity. Already announced in 2020, these new batteries have therefore just landed on Model Ys which have just been delivered. And the first users are already noticing the change.

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Tesla’s New 4680 Batteries Achieve Much Faster Recharging Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčThan Previous Ones

This new battery pack will therefore be used to optimizing the range of electric vehiclesbut also from speed up charging speed. In addition, the new 4680 battery cells will be used in particular for the two gigantic vehicles of Tesla, the Cybertruck pick-up and the Semi electric truck. In the meantime, Model Ys that have come out of the Gigafactoty in Texas and Berlin are already carrying these 4680 cells.

In California, a user carried out a test on a Supercharger. The latter started from an empty battery which showed 0% autonomy. Charging then reached a peak of 250 kW and the vehicle gained 80% autonomy in just 32 minutes.. For loyal Tesla customers, these new 4680 battery cells could also help curb the price increase of the brand’s various vehicle models.



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