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A French company risks exploding on the stock market thanks to Tesla

Smart energy storage is the other big market Tesla wants to capitalize on. But rather than simply offering physical batteries, the manufacturer is developing software suites to better manage resources, increase efficiency and save money. Noenen, the French company with which Tesla works, is dedicated to managing the parks, and in particular “Tesla Big Battery”, an area of ​​​​South Australia which in 2020 became the largest battery in the world.

This week, as mentioned Electrek, the two companies presented new software called “Tesla Virtual Machine Mode”. For his part, he tackles one of the last areas of renewable energy storage: the problem of the lack of mechanical inertia in infrastructures such as wind turbines and solar panels. Virtual Machine Mode has succeeded in virtually reproducing this inertia, which nuclear, fossil and hydroelectric power plants use in the event of a technical problem, to continue supplying energy and stabilizing the network.

The Tesla emulator will soon be available in Neonen’s storage solution offer, something to do good for the reputation of the company listed on the stock exchange (Euronext Paris) and valued at 4 billion euros. In five days, its title has already gained 8.3%. In all, Neonen manages 5.4 GW of capacity and the objective will be to double the stake within three years. The company’s turnover reached 336 million euros in 2021, up 12% year on year.

“This historic achievement is the result of two years of extensive testing and intensive collaboration between Neoen and battery technology provider Tesla, working closely with AEMO and ElectraNet, the South Australian grid operator. Together, they carried out the studies, tests and analyzes necessary to deploy this pioneering technology on a large scale for the first time”said the French company Neonen.

“As more and more wind and solar power replace fossil generation, less and less mechanical inertia is available to the grid, removing a buffer of natural stability in the event of grid disturbance”says Tesla.

The request is late

As pointed out PV-Magazine, all that’s left is to find new customers for Neonen. A mission that is still difficult when the technological advances that have greatly improved solutions for the supply of renewable electricity do not find the hoped-for enthusiasm among customers.

“The problem is that there are no markets yet to reward this very complete solution”commented journalist Bella Peacock of PV-Magazine. These services would be slowed down by their value which “is not reflected in strong revenue streams that would drive investment”she added, although public investment is beginning to be less closed on the issue.



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