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a good idea of ​​​​accessory to occupy the children

Do you want quieter journeys and need to occupy your children for this? We have the solution right in your Tesla car!

A simple and innovative idea for your children

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You mix Apple and Tesla: you get the best of technology, for you and your children! Indeed, no need to lie. if your children are watching a movie on your iPad, you are the one who is quiet. No shouting, no crying, no arguing, all these little people are focused on something else.

No need to do any work in all directions, the installation is all in all quite simple. A screen, a rod and a suction cup to attach everything and you’re good to go, ready to roll on new adventures with your kids. It is true that the glass roof is very practical from this point of view.

A Tesla community united in good ideas

This is not the first time that Tesla fans and owners have shared tips, like that for free for fun. Usually it’s less fun and more focused on the technical aspects of the brand’s electric cars. But this time, the advice will probably hit the bull’s eye with your kids.



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