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A Google Cloud programmer calculated pi to 100 billion digits

Pi (π) is a large number and as such many only know the first three, i.e. 3.14, largely because of math lessons where the number is used to calculate the perimeter of a circle.

However, recently, a Google Cloud service programmer was able to calculate pi to 100 billion digits, surpassing his old record of 31.4 billion digits.

Calculating 100 billion digits of pi with Google Cloud

Google Nails engineer and programmer Emma Haruka Iwao broke her own record set three years ago, in 2019, when she was able to calculate the value of pi up to 31.4 billion digits. However, this record was broken by the same employee who has now managed to find the value of pi at 100 billion digits. And curiously, the last number found is ‘0’ (zero).

For this purpose, the same tool used in the previous recording, the Google Cloud y-cruncher, was used. The investigation process began in October 2021 and the machines took until March 2022 to complete it. Moreover, in the previous record of 2019, the process took 121 days and now the duration was 157 days, and this time it took twice as fast.

Emma Haruka Iwao, a Google Cloud programmer who was able to calculate pi to 100 billion digits.

According to the author of the remarkable exploit, the same tools and techniques were used, but the improvement in speed is due to certain Google Cloud features which have also improved, especially after the 100 Gbps network, among others.

According to what has been reported, another significant difference is the large amount of data processed to calculate such long numbers. When first recorded, the machines were capable of processing approximately 19,000 terabytes of data. But this time, to calculate the 100 billion digits, the computer processed about 82,000 pieces of data, which is a very large increase.

For comparison, 100 billion digits of pi managed to travel from Earth to the Moon and back 3,304 times. And if you want to download all the issues, interact with them or see the source code used, you can do so via this link.



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