a Model S goes 1.5 million km, but its engine has been replaced 9 times

Model S owner holds the record for the most mileage in a Tesla car. He has already traveled more than 1.5 million kilometers with his electric car, but he also had to have the motor replaced 9 times and the battery 3 times.

Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen bought his second-hand Tesla Model S P85+ in 2014. It already had 30,000 kilometers on the clock. Since then, the German car enthusiast has set himself the goal of getting as much mileage as possible with his electric car. He had already covered more than 600,000 km with a Mercedes 500 E, but he launched into zero-emission records. With its more than 1.5 million kilometers traveledthis Model S holds the world record for mileage for a Tesla car.

Tesla car – Credit: Jp Valery / Unsplash

However, the route was not as easy as expected. Von Gemmingen had to go several times through Tesla Service Centers to get his car repaired. Indeed, the owner of the Model S has failed the engine and battery many times. Can’t tell if he received shoddy refurbished parts or if they’ve worn out on the road.

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Driver complains about getting ‘old junk’ on Model S when getting engine replaced

Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen is still far from beating Irv Gordon’s record. Died in 2018, he was the owner of the Volvo P 1800 which has driven more than 5 million kilometers. Nevertheless, von Gemmingen intends to go as far as possible. He is not held back by his lack of motivation, but by the many substitutions he has to make. Von Gemmingen is not the only one to be disappointed with the car manufacturer. Recently, a Model S owner complained about poor after-sales service and poor finishes.

In a tweet posted on March 25, the German driver announced the ninth replacement of the Model S electric motor. He also states that he thinks he received a poor quality engine. ” It broke again. I feel like old junk is installed “, he tweeted. A few days earlier he had complained that he had not been invited to the opening of Giga GrünheideTesla’s new gigafactory in Germany.

In addition to the 9 electric motor replacements, von Gemmingen also changed his car battery 3 times. Fortunately, he was able to take advantage of the warranty. Indeed, changing the battery of your Tesla without warranty costs a fortune. Anyway, the German driver holds a world record with his Model S and its 1.5 million kilometres. You still have to put things into perspective, especially if the engine has to be replaced approximately every 166,000 kilometres.

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