A new competitor to Polkadot and Cosmos: Polygon unveils the SuperNets

Polygon goes to attack Polkadot and Cosmos – Over the years, blockchain interoperability has become a hot topic. The Polkadot as well as Cosmos projects are both working on solving this problem. However, a new competitor seems to be emerging with the arrival of Polygon’s Supernets.

Polygon Edge: a blockchain in a few clicks

polygon is an Ethereum plasma-chain, whose goal is improve network scalability to smart contracts. To do this, Polygon has its own blockchain which evolves in parallel with Ethereum.

However, Polygon does not stop there. Indeed, the Polygon Technology teams are multiplying the solutions. Midden, Availability, ID or Zerodifficult to name all the solutions offered by Polygon.

Last May, Polygon unveiled Edgeits solution of creation of turnkey blockchains. Thus, it presents itself as “a modular and extensible framework for the construction of blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum”.

In practice, this solution allows developers to launch their own blockchain based on the same model as Ethereum in just a few steps. The latter have the choice of the consensus model to adopt between proof of stake and proof of authority.

As these blockchains share the same base as Ethereum, all smart contracts, tools or resources relating to Ethereum applications are fully compatible.

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Polygon Supernets: a blockchain network

Last week, the Polygon teams announced a major advancement of the Polygon Edge project with the introduction of Polygon Supernets.

Polygon Supernets announcement tweet – Source: Twitter.

In practice, Supernets are nothing more than networks made up of blockchains built using Polygon Edge. Thus, the Supernets make it possible to interconnect the different Polygon Edge blockchains as well as to connect them to Ethereum.

This model is reminiscent of the Cosmos Hub for connecting Cosmos blockchains or even Polkadot and its ecosystem of Parachains.

Polygon Supernets enable the exchange of information and value between different Polygon and Ethereum blockchains
Diagram of interconnections in Polygon Supernets.

Supernets introduce many benefits. First, they allow send data and value between Polygon Edge chains. This is achieved through the use of bridges between chains, but should be the subject of the creation of a standardized communication protocol in the future.

Secondly, Supernets allow Polygon Edge channels to be secured by the Polygon chain (MATIC).

For Edge users who want to use Proof of Stake as a security mechanism, we are introducing a “shared security” layer in the form of a MATIC-staked validator marketplace. Projects that opt ​​for this service will have instant access to a set of decentralized and reliable Proof of Stake validators, without having to face the challenge of creating a network of validators. »

In addition, Edge blockchain operators will also be able to call on “Edge Certified Partners”, a group of certified developers to support them in the management and maintenance of their blockchain.

$100 million to boost adoption

In parallel with this announcement, Polygon also unveiled the creation of a $100 million to fund adoption of Supernets.

These funds will support initiatives such as:

  • Development and research grants;
  • Integration and partnerships with third parties;
  • The onboarding and migration of projects;
  • Liquidity mining programs.

Obviously, these blockchains will be able to use all of the solutions developed by Polygon. Including Avail, its solution to the problem of data availability which should emerge within the year.

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