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a new symbolic milestone has just been reached

Tesla has just inaugurated its 35,000th Supercharger, located in Wuhan, China. No fewer than 5,000 have been installed in the past six months.

Gone are the days when Tesla was still a small confidential brand, and when Superchargers could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Today, Elon Musk’s firm offers a complete range, with its latest Model 3 and Model Y and offers many charging solutions around the world.

And for good reason, Tesla has several tens of thousands, while the Chinese branch has just announced on Twitter the inauguration of its 35,000th Supercharger. It is thus located in Wuhan, a city known in particular for its many automobile factories.

A great progress

This new location, which took place on June 10, therefore marks a new stage in the development of the brand. The latter took advantage of the event to indicate that it had installed no less than 5,000 additional Superchargers throughout the world over the past six months. According to our colleagues from InsideEVs, no less than 1,300 terminals were put into service during the last quarter.

In her tweet, Tesla also reminds us of her strong progress, she who inaugurated her very first Supercharger in September 2012. In June 2018, 10,000 were installed, a figure doubled in November 2020. A year later, 30,000 fast terminals were then available to users. The milestone of 40,000 could therefore be reached by the end of the year.

And in France ?

This new installation is an opportunity to take a brief look at the number of Superchargers established in France. At the beginning of the year, the network present in our country had only 102 charging stations, while the firm announced the opening of 35 new terminals by 2023. A promise that cannot necessarily be kept, as we mentioned in a previous article.

Indeed, some locations are constantly being postponed, as was the case for the Brest Supercharger, work on which finally began in April. At least nine new stations are also planned by the end of the year, including Agen, Béziers, Honfleur, Villebon-sur-Yvette or Chalon-sur-Saone.

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