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a sensational decision taken by the club for Cristiano Ronaldo?

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The coming week promises to be decisive in the Cristiano Ronaldo case. Manchester United number 7, who seems to have clearly indicated his desire to leave, finds himself at the center of controversy.

It must be said that by invoking family reasons not to go on tour in Thailand with the rest of the workforce, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have dug a gap with his club. And the trend is not really improving.

Cristiano Ronaldo totally excluded from the tour?

According to information from the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Manchester United would be willing to completely exclude Cristiano Ronaldo from their overseas tour, with Australia being the next destination, if Cristiano Ronaldo does not make himself available by the end of the week. Tensions therefore not finished climbing within the English club …

to summarize

Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Manchester United continues to darken. Especially since the English club is now ready to tighten the screw. According to the English press, Manchester will be willing to completely exclude the Portuguese star from his tour abroad.



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