a small step that means a lot

A year after its arrival on the Nest Hubs, Google Fuchsia is now arriving on the Nest Hub Max. The OS supposed to work on various devices takes a new step in its deployment.

The Google Nest Hub Max // Source: Frandroid

Fuchsia has been in the news for years. For a long time, this operating system from Google, which was supposed to work on any type of connected device, was developed behind the scenes, but without really being secret. However, in 2021, great novelty: Fuchsia 1.0 was officially deployed on a product.

Indeed, the 2018 Google Nest Hub swapped its Cast system for Fuchsia. A little over a year later, the family of devices taking advantage of the new OS from the Mountain View giant is growing. Indeed, the Google Nest Hub Max in turn tastes Fuchsia.

A second device for Fuchsia

This is what Google told the specialized media 9to5Google. The Nest Hub Max (released in 2019) can therefore now take advantage of Fuchsia, but beware: at present, the device only joins the Preview program and therefore does not immediately have access to the real version of the OS.

It won’t be long since Google says there are no significant changes to Fuchsia on the Nest Hub Max. But then why is this an important step?

One small step for Fuchsia, one big leap for Google?

You have to realize the difficulty of the task for Google. Deploying Fuchsia to a device was no small feat. A lot of things could have gone wrong during the OS change, its deployment or even during the bug fixing. 9to5Google recalls the words of a person working at Google:Pulling off this update was “like replacing the transmission on a car as it speeds down the highway with the family inside listening to the radio.“.

Thus, the arrival of Fuchsia on the Nest Hub Max proves that Google has been able to carry out this mission over the past year and that a greater number of devices can indeed be affected by the new OS.

However, it is good to remain realistic: the next truly significant step for the OS will be to conquer products that go beyond the connected home. Fuchsia is likely to conquer our smartphones one day, but it’s not for now.


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