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A start-up offers almost 1,000 km of autonomy to the BMW iX with its own battery

The little ones teach the grown-ups a lesson: a start-up, after doubling the autonomy of a Tesla Model S with its own battery, did the same with a BMW iX.

Remember, it was six months ago, a start-up called Our Next Energy was ripping the batteries out of a Tesla Model S before replacing them with new ones developed by them. Its engineers then hit the road to deep Michigan in the coldest winter and were able to travel 1,210 km before having to stop for a recharge, almost double what the model can do. ‘origin.

Now, the company is doing the same exercise again, but this time on a brand new BMW iX that can now cover 965 km in one go. It would seem that the German manufacturer, which invested in ONE last year, is therefore already reaping the first fruits, and this could be the beginnings of a partnership leading to a production model.

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The technology used by ONE is the Gemini battery with “dual chemistry”, which means that it uses two chemical formulas, both based on lithium-ion, but each optimized for a different use in order to obtain more density. energy than another technology. At the same time, ONE claims that its battery uses less lithium, graphite, nickel and cobalt, but it is unclear compared to what: the original battery or a battery allowing a similar autonomy?

These nearly 1,000 km in one charge are, of course, theoretical for now and will remain so until the end of the year when a first prototype should have been completed. Indeed, ONE was content to calculate this figure based on a computer simulation with the iX but, after the success they have had with the Model S and the support of BMW, it should only be a formality.



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