A Tesla on autopilot ends its race in a private jet

In the United States, the owner of a Tesla, parked in a parking lot, activated the autopilot function to “summon” his vehicle to come back to him. The “Smart Summo” function allows the vehicle owner to call his car from a distance of 60 meters. If this mode is normally programmed so that the car goes around obstacles, everything did not go as planned this time. As Complex relates, on April 23, the Tesla did not avoid the private jet that was in its path and simply crashed slowly into the craft. A video of the incident, taken by a witness, was posted on the Reddit platform.

According to information from Complex, the incident took place during an event organized by the aeronautical manufacturer Cirrus on the public airport Felts Field in Spokane, in the State of Washington. The person who posted the video participated in this event but did not want to give his identity. A Cirrus spokesperson confirmed to Insider that the plane was a customer-owned Cirrus Vision Jet, priced between $3 million and $3.5 million. The extent of the damage to the car and the jet is currently unknown.

Flaws already detected

This is not the first time that the “Smart Summon” function has acted up. During its deployment in 2019, recalls Insider, several Tesla cars would have had mini-accidents. The American manufacturer did not wish to comment on the incident but, according to its website, there are a number of warnings regarding this feature. “Smart Summon is designed and intended for use only in parking lots and driveways on private property where the surrounding area is familiar and predictable. Do not use Smart Summon on public roads,” it says. This would be a beta version and therefore the car must be constantly monitored by its owner.

This story is reminiscent of another that created buzz on Twitter in 2021. According to the account of an Internet user, owner of a Tesla, the autopilot of his electric car had confused the moon with an orange light. She had started to slow down for no apparent reason as she traveled a long, straight line with no obstacles. The driver had directly arrested, on the social network, the boss of the American giant, Elon Musk.

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