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A user leaves a negative review on Google and gets a big fine

A notary discovered in December 2021 two negative opinions about her on the Google search engine.

With Google, you can leave your opinion for everything, at any time. You didn’t like this or that restaurant or on the contrary loved this or that hotel… you can let us know. But this sometimes leads to deviations. A notary recently made the bitter experience of this, reports The Courrier Picard.

Notary crook. A shame to have that in France

A 45-year-old man was indeed particularly vehement. He left two messages on Google which did not go unnoticed, in particular this one: “A notary who does not deserve to be known”.

The Amiens notary quickly identifies her detractor and decides to initiate direct summons proceedings against him to defamation. Our colleagues indicate that the forties in question was invited to appear this Thursday, June 2, 2022 before the court of Amiens, but that he did not appear at the hearing.

His lawyer explained that his client had gone up against the notary because of a “project to transfer a commercial lease which involved a” change of activities “. Faced with the difficulties encountered, the forties judged that the notary was responsible.

Negative comments that are expensive

The notary claimed 15,000 euros in damages, believing that these opinions could “have significant repercussions” in an “extremely competitive field”.

Eventually, the 40-year-old was sentenced to 500 euros suspended fine, 1,000 euros in damages and 800 euros in legal costs.

Please note: these notices are always visible on the Internet.



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