Advertising and personal data: Apple and Google, subject to a new FTC investigation

In the series of investigations in progress, the FTC has just opened an investigation concerning Apple and Google and relating to the sale of personal data. In particular, it will seek to verify accusations of harmful practices regarding their collection and use.

According to Wall Street Journalfour senators claim that the two firms knowingly facilitated these harmful practices by embedding advertising-specific tracking identifiers into their mobile operating systems. They point out, however, thatApple has made changes and that Google intends to add similar protections.

They underline the interest of the ATT, the tracking transparency tool, and the fact that it is activated by default. On the other hand, they note the opposite pattern at Google. Beyond that, they denounce the principle of targeted advertising and the lack of consent of this ultimately mercantile approach – and finally, the growing intrusion into daily life.

[Par exemple, il] It is often possible to easily identify a particular consumer in a data set of anonymous location registrations, by looking to see where they sleep at night. For the moment, neither of the two giants has responded to this missive.

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