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After the external batteries for smartphones, here is the battery… for a Tesla

News hardware After the external batteries for smartphones, here is the battery… for a Tesla

Present at the IdeenExpo show which is currently taking place in Hanover, Germany, Tesla took the opportunity to demonstrate a strange trailer equipped with many solar panels as well as a Wi-Fi antenna. The ultimate solution to all breakdown problems batteries?

Tesla presents a funny solar trailer equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna to extend the autonomy of your vehicle

When we listen to the remarks of people who are still reluctant to switch to an electric car, the main argument raised is the lack (or at least the fear of the lack) of autonomy.

With performances that vary between 400 and 600 kilometres, it is clear that it is not always possible to make a trip home-holiday in one go, nor with thermal cars moreover, and the fear of not finding charging station or having to wait too long at a terminal puts off even more people.

And if we know that manufacturers are working hard to offer more efficient batteries, we expect models with 1000 km of autonomy in 2023, Tesla obviously has another idea in mind and would seriously start to think about turning on the side of solar energy.

The idea had even already been mentioned in 2019 and the announcement of the Cybertruck, with the aim of allowing its owners to go on an adventure in steep areas, far from the beaten track and above all from the slightest charging station. Three years later, the first prototype is therefore very real and visitors to the IdennExpo exhibition were able to see it with their own eyes.

The beginnings of a future Tesla car equipped with solar panels?

If for the moment no official information emanates from Tesla, our colleagues at Electrek tell us that the trolley would be equipped with nine 300 W photovoltaic panels for a total of 2.7 kWwhich is equivalent to a recharge ofapproximately 80 kilometers of autonomy per day.

If the idea is very interesting on paper, the price, size, gain, time ratio does not seem really crazy to us either… On the other hand, seeing solar panels directly integrated into the next models, as is the case with the Lightyear 0 for example, there immediately the idea is more attractive, provided you do not reach the same prices (more than 300,000 euros for the Lightyear).

Another notable point noticed on the trailer, the presence of a second-generation Starlink Wi-Fi antenna. Again, without official communication, we can only speculate on the interest of the presence of such a tool. Continue to enjoy an internet connection in the middle of the desert, be able to contact the emergency services in the event of a problem in remote areas or even allow the children in the back to watch cartoons.

Will the monthly subscription (99 € per month with us) be offered with the purchase of the trailer? Will there be a special package? Will it actually be available for sale? And what is his name by the way? Lots of unanswered questions at the moment.



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