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After the recognition of bitcoin, the Central African Republic launches its cryptocurrency, the sango

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The Central African Republic officially launches the “sango project” on Sunday July 3: this is the name of the cryptocurrency desired by President Faustin Archange Touadéra, in the wake of the adoption of bitcoin as the official currency at the end of April. The head of state is expected to speak on the platform dedicated to this new currency, which would be backed by the country’s vast natural resources.

Cryptocurrency is revolutionary, it will democratize democracy “: it is in a six-minute video singing both his praises, those of the Central African Republic and cryptocurrenciesthat Faustin-Archange Touadera makes an appointment for the official launch of the Sango.

Expected online on Sunday evening on the dedicated platform, the Head of State will be accompanied by four ministers and four speakers presented as specialists in the blockchainthe technology that is supposed to preserve the safety and cryptocurrency storage.

A ” crypto island »

With money from investors, the “sango project” would transform Monkey Island, located opposite the capital on the Oubangui River, into a ” crypto island “: a free zone without taxes where palaces, casinos, a large stadium and a water park would see the light of day.

The value of Sango would be guaranteed by the multiple Central African mining resources. Proponents of the project claim that it will bring in capital in the countryand to invest massively in infrastructure.

But its detractors consider it unrealistic, even suspect that it would be used to launder ill-gotten funds from the four corners of the world.

My dream is to see that the Central African can live well on his soil, really dream there “, Continues the president on the video, before an inviting voice, in English: “ Be part of a moment in history, of a president’s dream, the reconstruction of the Central African Republic. »

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