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Aged 55, the credit card thief claimed to be… 15 years old

The Bordeaux police certainly did not expect this surprising discovery. While they had been responsible for investigating thefts of wallets and bank cards in public transport in the metropolis, the police officers of the theft-violence group of the Departmental Security followed the trail of two women, from of Bosnia, says Sud Ouest.

Their method was well established. After having chosen their “preys”, tourists or the elderly, they diverted their attention when their victims bought a tram ticket at a terminal or when they withdrew money from an ATM. After having discreetly recorded the confidential code of the card of their targets, they followed them discreetly before stealing their wallet.


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Monday, June 27, the duo was intercepted at the Porte de Bourgogne after having raged at the Saint-Jean station in Bordeaux. Many thefts had been observed there in recent days. When they were arrested, the two women were about to attack a retiree. In police custody, the two Bosnian women told investigators that they were minors, except that after investigations, it turned out that one of them was… 55 years old! They were both referred to the prosecution.


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We can never repeat it enough: be careful when entering your credit card code, whether in front of an ATM or when paying at a merchant. Because the scams are numerous and can make you lose big.



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