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Alphabet Inc on the grill after the Snap shockwave, Not to be missed tomorrow

The parent company of Google, Alphabet Inc will publish its results for the second quarter, while the company had suffered the catastrophic quarterly results of the social network Snap. In France, Faurecia and Plastic Omnium will unveil their half-year reports.


Alphabet Inc on the grill after the Snap shock wave | Photo credits: lightpoet /

After a first quarter below expectations, the parent company of Google, Alphabet Inc. will unveil after the close of Wall Street on Monday, its results for the second quarter. A post that comes after the Snap shock that lost Facebook-owned Meta Platforms, Alphabet, and other companies that rely on online advertising revenue more than $80 billion in combined market capitalization on Thursday last. Over the April-June period, Alphabet’s turnover is expected to be 58 billion dollars (Bloomberg consensus), a decline of 6% over one year. Net income is expected to be just over $19 billion. Still internationally, the airline low cost Ryanair will also reveal its second quarter results, as strikes affecting the sector have disrupted air traffic in recent weeks.

Faurecia and Plastic Omnium put to the test of the market

In France, several first-half results will be analyzed by investors, particularly for automotive suppliers. The context remains difficult for the sector, whose activity is affected by geopolitical instability and the rise of signs of recession, explain Barclays analysts. The half-yearly Faurecia and Plastic Omnium will give an indication of the health of this industry. The property companies will also unveil their half-yearly accounts at the end of June, likeIcade and some Fonciere Lyonnaise. Among the companies that will only publish their half-yearly invoicing are notably Bigben Interactive, Lumibird and Prodways Group.

On the macroeconomic front, the Ifo indicator of the business climate in Germany for the month of July, will be released at 10 a.m. Analysts forming the Bloomberg consensus anticipate a further decline to 90.3 points (below the 100 point mark), ie 2 less than the previous month.




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