American justice demands more information

The American antitrust authorities have decided in recent years to monitor takeovers by GAFAM much more closely. Google and Mandiant can see it: the US Department of Justice (DOJ) requested (pdf) on April 20 additional information on the proposed acquisition of the second by the first announced a little less than two months ago.

GAFAMs under surveillance

That was to be expected. The takeover of one of the star companies in the cybersecurity sector by the giant Google for 5.4 billion dollars was to attract the attention of the American antitrust authorities.

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The public document of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), spotted by The Register, says nothing about the nature of the documents expected by the Department of Justice. Difficult, therefore, to identify a possible stumbling block and its level of gravity for the conclusion of the takeover of Mandiant.

Google succeeded, at the beginning of March, in grilling the priority to Microsoft to get their hands on the company. The company’s goal is to bolster its public cloud offering with leading cybersecurity tools. A competitive advantage over Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Thanks to Mandiant, Google Cloud will be able to offer its customers the possibility of strengthening its threat detection and intelligence capabilities, and obtaining defense automation tools.

The SEC filing reports that Mandiant and Google “ plan to respond soon to new requests from US authorities and to continue to work cooperatively with the DOJ in its review of the merger “.

Google wants to close its deal in 2022

The takeover should not, however, pose any major difficulties, at least on this side. The cybersecurity industry does not have monopolistic problems. On the other hand, a shareholder of Mandiant filed a complaint shortly after the announcement of the operation in federal court in New York.

He believes that Mandiant made incomplete and misleading statements to investors in financial filings with the SEC. A thorn in the side of Google to finalize the takeover this year.

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