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an influence of blood groups in the risk of stroke?



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An American study looked at the possible correlation between blood group and risk of stroke. According to the researchers, there is indeed an influence. Health journalist and doctor Damien Mascret was on the 12/13 set to take stock.

More risk of having a stroke with blood group A, less with O, American researchers have sought to demonstrate the influence of blood group on the risk of cardiovascular arrest. “To find out, researchers at the University of Maryland gathered 48 studies carried out in recent years. Out of approximately 600,000 people, 16,730 had had a cerebrovascular accident or stroke before the age of 60. What’s interesting is that it was strokes when an artery in the brain gets blocked due to a clot. People with blood type A had a higher than average risk. On the other hand, the risk was reduced for group O. This is in fact explained, because people in group A have less good coagulation and therefore clot more easily”describes Damien Mascret.

An important study to improve prevention. “You can’t change your blood group, but you can act on stroke risk factors”underlines the doctor. “So four pieces of advice. First, watch your blood pressure, and take your medication well, otherwise your arteries will get damaged. Second, don’t smoke. It’s really poisonous for the arteries. Third, have a healthy diet, lots of fruit and vegetables, a little meat, more fish, olive oil and a handful of nuts every day. Finally, keep up some physical activity. A bit of cycling, dancing, or even 10 minutes of walking a day fast. It’s good for the heart and the brain”concludes Damien Mascret.



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