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an update comes to improve driving comfort

Tesla has just rolled out an update on the Model S and Model X to adjust the suspensions according to the roughness of the road.

The advantage of You’re here is that they benefit from regular updates, notably improving driving comfort on board the brand’s vehicles. The American firm has also just deployed a new version of its software introducing a feature aimed at filtering the roughness of the road in a preventive manner on Model S and Model X with controlled suspensions.

The Tesla suspension system adapts better to the roughness of the road

For the past few days, the 2022.20 software update has been available on the brand’s electric vehicles. In the release notes, we have just learned that a new feature has been added to adapt the suspensions in real time on damaged roads or even potholes. The driving experience should thus be improved on roads that have lost their youth.

Real comfort for big riders

As a reminder, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced on Twitter in 2019 that his electric cars could analyze the roads on which they pass. The objective was thus to communicate various information to all Tesla vehicles, thereby making it possible to adapt certain driving characteristics according to the roughness encountered. As you will have understood, this functionality is now available.

In detail, when a Tesla drives on a damaged road, the cameras will capture this information and share it with all other vehicles of the brand. Note, only drivers driving Tesla Model S or Model X can benefit from it, more precisely those who have opted for controlled suspensions. As a result, the suspensions will automatically adjust to prevent roughness in the road.

“Tesla Adaptive Suspensions will now adjust ground clearance when approaching a damaged stretch of road. This adjustment may occur in different geographical locations, depending on availability, since the vehicle must download the data relating to damaged roads generated by Tesla vehicles”, explains the American manufacturer in the release notes of its new software update.



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