Anand Mahindra wants Elon Musk to know the ‘original Tesla’ was made in India – Reuters

Anand Mahindra tagged Elon Musk in a photo of an Indian bullock cart, with the attached text on the image suggesting it’s the “original Tesla”. “Original Tesla vehicle. No Google Map Required, No Fuel, No Pollution, FSD (Fully Autonomous) Mode, Set Home [to and fro] Workplace… Relax, take a nap, reach your destination,” reads the text. Sharing it, Mahindra tweeted “BACK to the future” and tagged the Tesla boss. People on Twitter were split on the tweet, either agreeing or disagreeing with Mahindra’s idea.

Earlier, Mahindra had shared why India manufactures most two-wheelers in the world. Sharing a photo of a man precariously balancing two piles of plastic chairs, a large number of sleeping mats and also a woman on a two-wheeler, Mahindra said Indians can carry the greatest volume of goods per square inch of wheel. The photo has garnered 18,000 likes so far.

“Now you know why India manufactures the most two-wheelers in the world. We know how to haul the most volume of cargo per square inch of wheel… We’re like that only… #Sunday.

While a few users agreed with the industrialist, many claimed the tweet glorified poverty and overloaded vehicles.

He also once had video of a cyclist expertly balancing a bundle of clothes on his head as he rode his bike hands-free. “This, the man is a human Segway, with a gyroscope built into his body! Incredible sense of balance,” he tweeted. Mahindra also said that there are many talented people like the man in the video who go unspotted and unrecognized. He said that you could be a talented gymnast or an athlete who needs training but who unfortunately does not get noticed.

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