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Android: Google will finally roll out this handy audio feature

With the release of the Pixel Buds Pro, Google is finally launching automatic audio switching for Android. Yes, it might seem like a small improvement, but if you frequently switch audio sources for your headphones, this update is likely to improve your phone experience a lot. Unfortunately for now, the feature is only available on Pixel Buds Pro, but it should come to other devices.

  • Google will roll out automatic audio switching to Android devices once the Pixel Buds Pro launch
  • The feature will also be available on headphones from JBL and Sony “in the coming weeks”
  • Spacial head tracking audio is expected to launch via software update “later this year”

Bluetooth connections are ubiquitous in 2022, aren’t they? If your devices (i.e. both your headphones and your smartphone or tablet) support it, then they will now be able to enjoy automatic audio switching on Android. Switching between them should be effortless through a system notification if, for example, you receive a phone call while listening to music on your tablet.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro will be the first headphones to support automatic audio switching. / © Google

As Google writes on its blog, in the “coming weeks” JBL and Sony headphones will also take advantage of this feature. In the near future, non-Android devices will also be able to use this feature, although Google isn’t saying much about when that will happen. The Fast Pair feature will enable audio switching, connect to your headphones, and link them to your Google account.

It’s no secret that the same feature has been around for quite some time in Apple and its AirPods. Even Sony, the sound pioneer, has implemented an audio switching system. Finally, we can say goodbye to this too frequent irritation. Good riddance!

Were you expecting this feature to roll out on Android? Do you often switch from one device to another?




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