Angers: Thomas Mangani and Ismaël Traoré will leave the club

A page turns in Angers. As revealed by the Western Mail, Thomas Mangani (35) and Ismaël Traoré (35), at the end of their contract at the SCO, were received on Monday. They were told that the Anjou club did not want to continue the adventure with them at the end of the season.

Mangani, who arrived at SCO in 2015, played 256 matches with Angers (29 goals), and Traoré, also landed in 2015, played 227 matches (16 goals). The Ivorian international was even still the captain this season.

Proposals for Thomas, Manceau and Capelle

Regarding the other “tauliers”, Romain Thomas, Vincent Manceau and Pierrick Capelle were offered to continue in Anjou. It remains to be seen whether they will accept the proposed conditions.

Romain Thomas has been playing for Angers since 2013. (P. Lahalle/L’Équipe)

In addition, concerning the other players at the end of the contract, Mathias Pereira Lage continues to enter into the club’s plans. A proposal was submitted to him. It should however be over for Stéphane Bahoken and Danijel Petkovic.


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