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Angry, he blows up his broken down Tesla

A Finn unhappy with the breakdown of his 2013 Tesla Model S has decided to take drastic measures.

Indeed, after the end of his vehicle’s warranty, the essential battery group in an electric car broke down. A replacement operation costs around €20,000 from the manufacturer and nothing is covered by the owner’s insurance. In this impasse, the Finn had the choice of having his vehicle repaired at great expense or selling it off for parts.

The motorist chose a much more radical solution since he had 30 kilos of dynamite stuck on the vehicle in order to put him out of sight for good. He has teamed up with the Finnish YouTube channel Pommijätkät (“Bomb guys” in English), they specialize in blowing things up and doing extreme experiments.

The Tesla was towed to a deserted area suitable for the occasion. In the video, we can see at the wheel, a mannequin of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla who will disappear in the explosion. Just like the rest of the car which is literally disintegrated.

The video (which you will find at the end of the article) totals 5 million views to date. Let’s hope that the fallout generated by the views will allow the owner to limit the financial losses of the spectacular operation.

Paul Emile

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