Anita Alvarez, who came close to drowning, finally confides after her terrible discomfort at the World Swimming Championships

The world swimming championships currently taking place in Budapest, Hungary could have turned into a tragedy on June 22 during the final of the synchronized swimming competition. The American Champion Anita Alvarez, who participated in the event, was the victim of a terrible illness at the end of his performance. She was still in the pool at the time and the 25-year-old began to fall to the bottom. Neither one nor two, her trainer jumped into the pool to get her out of there. A heroic gesture that saved the swimmer from drowning.

The images of this miraculous rescue went around the planet and only two days after the accident, Anita Alvarez agreed to confide in this moment when everything changed. Questioned by the American channel NBC, the young champion of Mexican origin tried to explain these few seconds when she lost consciousness. “I remember that I felt like I was really doing a great performancemy best by far, not only on the way I was performing but above all because I was enjoying and that i was living the momentshe explains in the preamble.

At the very end I remember the last arm swing I made

After this great performance, Anita Alvarez is visibly happy with herself, but her body will decide to let go. “At the very end, I remember the last arm stroke I did. It was such a simple, small arm stroke but I gave it my all and I remember being going down (into the ‘water) and say to myself: ‘oh, oh, I’m not feeling great’. It’s the last thing I remembertestifies the champion.

More fear than harm therefore for Anita Alvarez, who is doing very well. Taken to the swimming pool medical center, the swimmer is much better. A traumatic episode, hoping that it would never happen to him again.

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