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Anti-cryptos announce historic event to kill bitcoin

Presented as the future of finance, Bitcoin is experiencing, like other cryptocurrencies at the moment, an unprecedented crisis. Not only is the course of the currency collapsing, but more and more political or public organizations are pointing the finger at the abuses and the lack of supervision around these virtual currencies. It is in this tense context that several anti-crypto figures have launched the Crypto Policy Symposium, a conference entirely dedicated to crypto-skepticism.

Relayed by Amy Castor and our colleagues from Cryptoast, this anti-bitcoin conference intends to reverse the trend, and make the voices of those who have no never believed in monetary decentralization : “Crypto-skeptics have for years shouted into the void on Twitter at anyone who would listen. (…) Our voices are getting louder — and decision makers are listening!“. Objective for this unprecedented conference: to bring together “decision makers” and crypto-skeptics, “to ensure that they have all the information they need to guide future policies”.

Bitcoin comes up against its detractors

Widely criticized since its arrival on the financial markets, bitcoin – like the rest of the non-fiat currencies – is far from unanimous. In Europe in particular, the MiCA law threatens the balance of this decentralized system.

While the Old Continent considered for a time banning mining, the President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde still insists that cryptocurrencies “worth nothing, rest on nothing”.

Programmed for September 5 and 6 in London, the Crypto Policy Symposium should be accessible to everyone and broadcast live on social networks. For the moment, the list of public and political figures present is not yet known.

For their part, crypto-skeptics intend to take advantage of the event to get to know the crypto market better, and use this knowledge of the field to put pressure on an ecosystem that is more fragile than ever.



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