Armand Duplantis beats the best outdoor performance in history with 6.16m in Stockholm

It is not a world record strictly speaking, but Armand Duplantis signed the highest jump ever recorded outdoors, Thursday evening in front of his public, in Stockholm.

In the authentic stadium of the Swedish capital, in front of a packed turn, Duplantis improved the best world performance in history with 6.16 m. A centimeter better than his previous record, 6.15m in Rome, in 2020, when he improved Sergei Bubka’s mark.

Mondo Duplantis had a superb contest, with an entrance at 5.63m, then bars at 5.83m, 5.93m and 6.03m on the first attempt. After a stalemate at 6.08m, he cleared 6.16m on his second try, in a clean jump, with his pelvis well above the bar. His thighs, on the other hand, touched, without consequence on the validity of the jump.

Renaud Lavillenie 5th with 5.83m

The 22-year-old Swede has held the absolute world record since February 2020, achieved indoors, where atmospheric conditions are not taken into account. This winter, at the Belgrade Worlds, he had increased it to 6.20 m.

Behind Duplantis, the American Chris Nilsen is 2nd with 5.93m, beating the Brazilian Thiago Braz (5.93m on his second attempt) in trials. Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie achieved his best performance of the summer with 5.83m, a bar crossed on his second try. He took 5th place in the competition.


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