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ARS confirms a first autochthonous case

While dengue virus was initially suspected, ARS explains that the patient was infected with Usutu virus.

This virus is of African origin. The health authorities indicate that it mainly circulates among birds, mainly blackbirds and house sparrows. Unlike dengue fever, the Usutu virus is transmitted by the common mosquito and not by the tiger mosquito, which has invaded New Aquitaine for several years. “The spread is classic: the mosquito bites a bird carrying the virus, then a human. The Usutu virus is not transmitted from man to man, nor from man to mosquito,” explains ARS.

Not a real danger

It was identified for the first time in humans in Europe in 2009 and in France in 2015. But health authorities reassure, the infection is mostly asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. The person who contracted the virus had flu-like symptoms.



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