Asvel Lyon Villeurbanne – AS Monaco Betclic Elite LIVE: follow match 5 of the championship final

Hello everyone, we’re getting into a basketball live this Saturday night. It doesn’t happen that often on 20 Minutes but it’s a great opportunity to bring you live from the Astroballe THE match that all French basketball has been waiting for 10 months. Namely a decisive match 5 at the end of the play-offs between the two behemoths of the Betclic Elite, and AS Monaco, who both come out of a Euroleague season with varying fortunes. What are the forces present since the start of this final 10 days ago? We want to say that the dynamic is villeurbannaise, except for the Roca Team (74-82). Two of the last three games have ended with demonstrations from Tony Parker’s club, starting with this historic rouste (+37) in game 2, then this clear 68-85 Wednesday on the Rock, when ASM had a ball of first coronation in the elite.

Hard to imagine Asvel, double title holder, not taking advantage of this momentum in a room which will undoubtedly be hot as desired (with more than 5,500 spectators). Especially when we see how Monaco was adrift collectively on Wednesday, only held by personal flashes from a Mike James author of 34 points, but at the leadership limited on the series. In 2019, with David Lighty already on the Asvel side and Sasa Obradovic on the Monegasque bench, the Villeurbannais had not trembled in a similar context. Come on, we can’t wait to be there, and we’ll leave you with the images of match 4, notably marked by the recital of the trio of backs Okobo-Jones-Knight (49 cumulative points), to put you in it.

See you from 8:15 p.m. to follow this decisive, boiling, electric match 5 (and as tight as the 3rd match?) of the Betclic Elite final between Asvel and Monaco, with a kick-off at 8:30 p.m.

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