ATP 500 Barcelona – Carlos Alcaraz titled after his victory against Carreño Busta in the final (6-3, 6-2), he succeeds Nadal

Barely 19 years old and he already seems almost unsinkable. While he had left a lot of energy on Barcelona’s center court earlier in the day to miraculously get out of the Alex de Minaur trap in the semi-finals, Carlos Alcaraz flew over the final to conquer his 3rd title of the season, the 4th of his very young career. The Spanish prodigy thus left no chance to his eldest and compatriot Pablo Carreño Busta, 19th in the world, whom he swept in two sets (6-3, 6-2) and barely more than an hour (1h05 precisely ) Sunday on the Pista Rafa Nadal. Thanks to this new triumph, he will land in the Top 10 on Monday in 9th place.

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Rainy day in Barcelona: Alcaraz and the others will have to return on Sunday morning


He only had a little over three hours to recover from a Homeric fight, and yet it was he who seemed the freshest on this late Sunday afternoon. Carlos Alcaraz is definitely not made of the same wood as most of his colleagues on the ATP circuit. And during this final, Pablo Carreño Busta was in the front row to realize it. Drunk with blows, as stunned, he never seemed able to react. And we can’t hold it against him, as his winner still impressed, both by his consistency and by his flashes.

Too explosive for Carreño Busta, Alcaraz wandered on his serve

A few weeks ago in Miami, Alcaraz started the nervous final, before the machine got going. This time, it only took him four games, all white wins by the two men on their serve (2-2), to get his bearings. It was also perhaps one of the only advantages of approaching this final physically damaged: the possible stress linked to the event quickly faded. And the steamroller kicked in. By his explosiveness, his intensity, he quickly put Carreño Busta on the defensive, breaking for the first time in the 5th game, then to take the lead (6-3).

Carlos Alcaraz in Barcelona in 2022

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If he decentered a few strikes, perhaps occasionally lacking liveliness or responsiveness linked to physical freshness, Alcaraz steered his boat with unfailing serenity. It’s simple: he did not concede a single break point in the game and even lost only two points on his engagement during the first set. With his arm of fire and his total commitment, he multiplied the supersonic forehands especially in uncrossed areas which put his opponent to the torture. And at 3-2, he again found the key to recovery, even winning the last four games of the game.

Lucid about his physical reserves, he applied an aggressive tactic which totally paid off with 18 winning shots (including 12 forehands) for 10 small unforced errors. Seeing him console his elder at the net, not really surprised by the turn of events, Alcaraz knows it: he is in his place and his journey has only just begun. Still undefeated in the ATP 500 this season (10 wins, no losses), he can approach the rest of this spring on clay with great ambition.

ATP Barcelona

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ATP Barcelona

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