Ethereum (ETH) Immutable (IMX) layer 2 offers to host the BAYC metaverse

Immutable proposes itself as a solution for the Otherside metaverse Immutable (IMX), a second layer solution of the ethereum blockchain (ETH), structured on the StarkEx engine and specialized in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offerswelcome Othersidethe metaverse of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). According to this proposal, made by Immutable directly on the forum dedicated to ApeCoin … Read more

How to Share Screen on Google Meet?

>Screen sharing is a must-have feature in a video conferencing platform like Google Meet. Users can view their full screen or a specific window in any meeting environment, from presentations to brainstorming sessions. One can also share documents, slideshows and spreadsheets using this feature. Although the process is not as difficult as one might think, … Read more

Roland-Garros 2022 – Rafael Nadal: “Between a new foot or winning the final? I prefer to lose on Sunday”

That’s the magic of press conferences. Often, the questions follow one another, the answers too, without anything atypical disturbing a well-ordered ceremony. And then, sometimes, there is the one that hits the mark. The question is well shot, falls at the right time and the line that follows captures everyone’s attention. This is what happened … Read more

Ford wants to be inspired by Tesla

With the rise of electric mobility, the automotive industry is undergoing a revolution. A new era that does not only concern the development of electric vehicles, but also extends to our consumption habits. In fact, faced with the traditional sales network of manufacturers, in certain markets, online sales are progressing rapidly. A boon for brands, … Read more

DuckDuckGo Steps Up Showdown With Google; Chrome extension now blocks Google Topics and FLEDGE ad targeting system

DuckDuckGo has been engaged in a back-and-forth battle with Google over user privacy lately, and the company has taken another shot by allowing its Chrome extension to block the new “target-focused” ad targeting system. privacy” from Google. Google has launched its new “Privacy Sandbox” ad targeting approach in stages, focusing on changes to its Chrome … Read more

51 cases have been confirmed in France

Among these cases, 37 were reported in Ile-de-France, according to the latest figures from Public Health France, published on Friday. Article written by Published on 06/03/2022 23:23 Update on 06/03/2022 23:26 Reading time : 1 min. France had, Friday, June 3, 51 cases “confirmed” infection with monkeypox virus, according to health authorities. Of this total, … Read more