Google Meet will soon receive two new features

The global pandemic has seen many companies turn to platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to conduct their meetings. Likewise, many people have used these platforms to communicate with loved ones during quarantine. Google understands the important role of these platforms and will soon launch two new features for Google Meet. The … Read more

Can the Shiba Inu reach $1 by 2026?

The Shiba Inu gained 46,000,000% last year. It would need another increase of almost 4,000,000% to reach $1 in five years. Over very long periods, the stock market stays above all other investment channels. While it may not exceed bond, gold or housing returns every year, the stock market offers a much higher average annual … Read more

Cases of acute hepatitis in children, the WHO puts forward three hypotheses

Westend61 via Getty ImagesThe WHO counts 169 cases spread over 12 countries, including 11 only in Europe. HEALTH – Despite ongoing scientific investigations, the mystery remains. The growing concern around a form of acute hepatitis affecting children in several countries is not diminishing. As of April 21, the WHO counted no less than 169 cases … Read more

For Robinhood the Dogecoin could become the currency of the Internet!

Vladimir Tenev, CEO of popular stock and cryptocurrency trading platform Robinhood, recently discussed how Dogecoin could become the “future internet currency“. In a series of Tweets, Vladimir Tenev discussed how DOGE could become a primary currency for the internet, as his company Robinhood recently added the ability for users to send and receive cryptoasset based … Read more