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auto-spin and Tap-to-Wake have unexplained misfires

New issues disrupt the user experience for owners of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6. In fact, several users claim to have problems with the automatic rotation of the screen, especially on YouTube, while Tap-To-Wake has failed regularly in others.

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Since their launch in October 2022, the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have not escaped the problems of young people. Some bugs can ruin the user experience. We remember, for example, this concern on the screen, which could jerk when scrolling on certain applications.

However, several Pixel 7 users are now affected by another bug, this time concerning automatic screen rotation. According to reports, switching to landscape mode no longer works, primarily on YouTube’s app. Instead of rotating their device to flip the screen, users are forced to tap the small box in the bottom right to manually trigger the switch to full screen in landscape orientation.

That seems to be when I use YouTube the most, but the auto-rotation doesn’t kick in. I have to manually activate it myself, which is frustrating,” says user BennyBoy218 on Reddit. As a backup solution, some have found themselves sliding from bottom to topautomatically switches the image to landscape.

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The errors are connected on the Pixel 7

Note that this issue doesn’t seem to only affect the latest Pixels from Google. In fact, a user on Reddit claimed to have the same issues on his Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. In other words, it suggests a problem on the YouTube app’s side, and not an android bug. But that’s not all.

A Pixel 7 owner said so on Reddit the modem on his smartphone stopped working after crossing an area without a cellular network, such as an underground car park for example. Obviously, the only way to find the network is to enable and disable airplane mode several times. We continue this overview of unpublished damage to Pixels with incorrectly turns on the Tap-To-Wake feature. Remember that this feature allows you to turn on the phone’s screen by touching it with your finger.

However, according to the affected users, these misses are quite rare and don’t actually disrupt the experience that much. “I would say for me it works 85-90% of the time. But it doesn’t work/record enough to be noticeable or annoying”. For now, Google has yet to talk about these bugs. Fact, impossible to know if a patch is in preparation or not.

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