Babies, adults… Everything that changes this year

Health authorities posted it online on Monday. What does the new vaccination schedule for 2022 say (excluding Covid-19), drawn up by the Ministry of Health after consulting the High Authority for Health (HAS)? It lists the various so-called “general” and “specific” vaccination recommendations, depending on age, specific conditions (increased risk of complications, exposure or transmission) or occupational exposure. The 11 compulsory vaccines for children since 2018 remain the same, but the list of recommended vaccinations is getting longer this year.

Meningococcus B, whooping cough, flu…

Among the novelties, vaccination against meningococcal B is recommended for all infants up to the age of two years: “first dose at the age of three months, second dose at the age of five months and booster at twelve months” (until now, only certain populations at risk were vaccinated).

Vaccination against whooping cough is recommended for pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy, favoring the period between 20 and 36 weeks of amenorrhea (in other words: without menstruation). Previously, this vaccination was only recommended postpartum, but the HAS has just reviewed its recommendations, given the epidemiological context in France: more than 90% of deaths from whooping cough occur in newborns and infants under six months.

Latest news: vaccination against seasonal flu is now recommended for professionals exposed to porcine and avian viruses. “A collective protection measure aimed at avoiding the transmission of human viruses to animals, and not an individual protection measure against zoonotic viruses”, explains the Ministry of Health.

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