Battle of the Metaverse: Meta and Microsoft vs Apple and Google – Who will win?

The forum is intended for encourage the creation of open standards for the metaverse ».

The organization says in its statement that it will study in which areas the lack of interoperability hinders the adoption of the metaverse and how the work of the standards organizations that develop and update the relevant standards can be coordinated and accelerated.

#Meta, #Microsoft and other tech giants form a standards body called the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF) 🔥 Note that #Apple was not invited to join this group, which aims to create standards open for all things #Metaverse.

Other founding members of the organization include Adobe, Epic Games, Ikea, Qualcomm, Sony, the XR Association, and OENs The Khronos Group, World Wide Web Consortium, and Open Geospatial Consortium.

Apple and Alphabet away!

At least for the moment, Apple is not participating in the initiative, although a augmented reality headset is expected by 2023. Neither is Alphabet. Both parties have previously been part of open industry associations like FIDO and Matter, but neither promotes the metaverse.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, remarked on the first-quarter 2022 earnings conference call that the company’s involvement in the metaverse market is “a big question,” in addition to its reality headset. augmented name for the moment which would be under development.

A new Google AR headset is also in development. And AR is an important part of many Google products, including software and Pixel phones.

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The new organization allows for free and open membership, so both companies could join the Metaverse forum in the future. The Arstechnica site says it’s not surprised that some big names in tech aren’t too keen on joining, given the myriad of unanswered questions around the metaverse, including regulations.

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