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be careful if you drive an electric car in very cold weather

Do you drive an electric car and plan to take your Tesla on mountain roads this winter? Watch out for temperatures below 0: electric cars do indeed have a problem that thermal cars don’t have in winter – the total range reduces enough to take some drivers by surprise.

According to a series of tests quoted by The Sun, electric cars indeed lose an average of 20% of their autonomy when temperatures are very low. So, if you are still planning trips, it is important to take into account this reduced autonomy so as not to find yourself stuck far from any civilization.

The autonomy of electric cars is reduced by 20% on average in very cold weather

Another point to consider, monster traffic jams like those that can accumulate on the way back from holidays on French motorways. Electric cars indeed consume more energy when it is very cold, if only to keep the heat in the cabin. Suddenly, a few hours stranded on a snowy highway can end in a breakdown. The only solution will then be to call a tow truck, and wait for it in the cold.

The explanation is very simple: the mechanism by which Lithium-Ion batteries store energy is a chemical reaction. This is simply more efficient when it takes place within a certain temperature range. In other words, to get the most out of your electric vehicle’s battery, it is best that the outside temperature is between 15 and 25°C.

All current electric cars are plagued by the same problem. But solutions should soon be integrated into future models to reduce its impact as much as possible. A heat pump could notably boost battery efficiency in future Tesla models. However, even with such a device, electric cars will still be affected by a slight reduction in range in winter, in addition to higher electricity consumption.

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Until this kind of improvement arrives, as well as more capable batteries, you must therefore remain vigilant before hitting the road in very cold weather – and in particular avoid long journeys where you risk breaking down far from a station. charging.



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