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Big UC News From Google, Meta, Zoom, Ericsson & RingCentral

From a partnership and acquisition to a new whiteboard and workspace booking solution, here are excerpts from popular stories from this week.

Zoom Workspace Reservation will be generally available at the end of this month to facilitate office workspace management and reservations within organizations.

The new workspace booking tool is designed to improve the hotdesking and hospitality experience for hybrid teams and system administrators.


In addition to managing and booking office workspaces, workers will also be able to see who’s coming in and get seating recommendations. Beta customers have also used the software to reserve parking spaces in advance.

Jeff Smith, Group Product Manager, Head of Zoom Rooms and Whiteboard“Employers continue to prioritize hybrid office management as they seek a secure, easy-to-use, and comprehensive solution to help connect in-office and remote workers.

“Workspace Reservation expands Zoom’s already robust hybrid work offerings and helps employees have access to the tools they need to perform at their best on any given day. »

Zoom Workspace Reservation is available as a Zoom app on a desktop or through a web browser.

Google has partnered with Miro to integrate the online collaborative whiteboard app with the Meet platform.

Miro boards is integrated with the Meet Activities panel, the application being designed to enable brainstorming, planning and idea formation during a meeting.

Once a board is selected, Miro will launch and all existing Meet features will be available in a side panel, along with meeting participants.

Miro boards is the latest in a long list of features added to Meet over the past two years, with others including polls, questions and answers, translated captionsraise your hand, and more.

Jennifer Shen, Group Product Manager, Google Workspacesaid, “Miro is another step in extending the power of Google Meet with third-party solutions.

“Over the next few quarters, we’ll be integrating Meet with many of the collaboration and productivity tools you already use every day.

“Our goal is to bring powerful collaboration experiences to the places where your teams already work together, reducing context switching, so they can create and achieve more together. »

Users will be able to create a new Miro board before a meeting and attach it to the invite or use the feature during an ongoing meeting.

Ericsson has obtained regulatory approval for its acquisition of Vonage for $6.2 billion.

The Swedish telecommunications giant now exists to complete the deal before the end of this month.

Final clearance came from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States after Ericcson revealed he had secured all other approvals late last month.

In November last year, Ericsson first announced the takeover in a move that would see its 4G and 5G technology combined with Vonage’s CPaaS credentials.

The supplier released its quarterly figures yesterday, ahead of the completion of the acquisition.

Borje Ekholm, President and CEO of Vonagesaid, “The planned acquisition of Vonage is an important item to execute on the global network platform, and we are working to obtain approval and close the transaction before the end of July.

RingCentral has announced the release of Integrated SMS and Fax for the RingCentral Platform for Microsoft Teams.

The integration means users can now send and receive text messages and faxes without leaving the Teams app.

SMS and eFax functionality are available on RingCentral’s Integrated Dialer and Direct Routing solutions.

Eric Kenney, Director of Product Marketing at RingCentralspoke about the implications for Microsoft Teams: “At RingCentral, we’ve seen a 500% increase as the premier phone complement to Microsoft Teams, with 15 consecutive quarters of reliability from Five9, a wide range of phone integrations, state-of-the-art analytics and more.

“And we’re thrilled to announce the release of integrated fax and text in RingCentral for Microsoft Teams.

“It adds more extensive functionality to a Teams deployment, making it a complete communication tool.

Users can now send and receive messages to contacts in the company directory or to an external number.

Meta’s Workplace has released several new features to improve the user experience on its platform.

Highlights this month include Workplace Chat integration with the Workplace app, plugin updates, and access to post information.

Last month, the collaboration software company made headlines by securing a 1.9 million user contract with McDonald’s.

Mobile app adds messaging

Workplace Chat is available through the Workplace mobile app, making it easy to follow company news and chat simultaneously.

Previously, workers would have had to download Workplace Chat separately. Meta’s Workplace believes this update will be particularly welcomed by frontline workers who typically prefer to minimize the number of apps on their phones.

Voice and video calls are currently not an option in the mobile app, but can still be made using the Workplace Chat mobile app.



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