Binance makes a bad taste with its new emoticon

misunderstanding and apologies – In the cryptosphere, small careless errors, like a comma errorcan sometimes cost very expensive. In the present case, however, one wonders how Binance was able to let this lack of taste. Indeed, the crypto-stock market has obviously made a mistake, releasing an emoticon that looks… like a swastika !

Binance must not have been wide awake creating this emoticon

A few days ago, Changpeng “CZ” Zhaothe founder and CEO of Binanceproudly announced a new emoji on Twitter. Big problem: It didn’t take long for many netizens to find this new emote to have a very curious shape. It actually recalls a swastikathe infamous swastikaNazi symbol of the IIIth Reich.

Twitter account @nftshare

Quite a blunder, especially since, as Cointelegraph reminds us in particular, this emoji was also revealed on birthday from the birth ofadolf hitlerApril 20, 1889.

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A very probable cultural confusion quickly corrected

Of course, the blunder obviously seemed involuntaryand the CZ tweet in question was quickly deleted, the emoji being buried in the graveyard of bad ideas. The cryptocurrency exchange platform even presented public apology facing the outcry:

“We don’t know how this emoji was able to go through multiple levels of review without anyone noticing, but we immediately reported the issue, removed it, and the new emoji design is being rolled out.” at this moment. »

The creators of the emoticon may have been of Asian descent, not Western. Indeed, it should be remembered that this symbol was paradoxically – before nazism – a symbol of peace and harmony in Asian cultures, especially the Buddhism (see below).

Will Buddha forgive Binance's blunder?
The swastika existed long before the dark page of Nazism –

Let’s hope for the crypto exchange that it will be more conscientious to get your PSAN status (Digital Asset Service Providers). Binance is indeed recruiting all regulation specialists possible markets, in order to set up in complete conformity in as many countries as possible.

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