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Bitcoin: 10,000 BTC from Mt.Gox hack wakes up after 7 years

Return of the Living Dead BTCs – Since the hack and fall of the defunct platform Mt. Gox in 2014, his (very) numerous bitcoins is the subject of great vigilance, not to say anxiety. Its aggrieved customers are also likely to see each other again soon more than one hundred thousand BTC after an infinite legal waiting period. But 10,000 bitcoins which interests us today is itself the result of piracy.

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$165 million in stolen BTC changes hands

Although this amount of bitcoins may seem feeble today, the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox has resulted more than 840,000 BTC with her. According to a recent report by chain analysisexpert company in on-chain transactions – some of these bitcoins are talked about again, after more than 7 years of sleep.

It is more accurate 10,000 bitcoins from the exchange wallet BTC-ewhich was permanently shut down by US authorities in 2017. This crypto exchange is accused of having bleached cryptos stolen from Mt.Gox.

At the current price, this corresponds to approx 165 million of dollars thus sent to “group of personal wallets and exchanges”, according to Chainalysis. Especially there would be 65 BTC (just over a million dollars) that would have arrived on the platform HitBTC.

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No one knows who has sentnor who has Received, this huge windfall of bitcoins. At least they are closely monitored, both by the authorities and by observers of the crypto market. Apart from being dirty at the Mt.Gox hack, all the old bitcoins linked to the old crypto exchange could potentially destabilize prices. Some even believe that the disaster of Mt.Gox was bigger than FTX’s.

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