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Bitcoin and Crypto Collapse? Ripple (XRP) sets out to conquer Canada

maple leaves – Ripple (XRP) continues its expansion in North America, and puts on the table a recruitment plan that goes against the workforce reductions operated by major cryptocurrency exchanges.

“We continue to grow and invest”: Ripple sets foot on Canadian soil

According to a June 22 statement, Ripple (XRP) opened a new office in Toronto. The company now has its first premises in Canada, buildings that will house its engineering center within its walls.

The opening of this entity which would aim to support Ripple’s “continued growth” in “North America and beyond”, comes with an initial plan to hire 50 engineers in Toronto.

Hundreds of blockchain software engineers, including machine learning and data analysis scientists, as well as product managers, could join these early recruits later.

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“World-class talent”: will vacancies find takers?

The weather continues to deteriorate in the crypto markets. Recruitment announcements in the sector will cheer up theIndustry workers, tired of reading in the media, yet another hiring freeze or staff cuts decided by giants like Coinbase or Gemini.

On paper, Ripple should not encounter any specific difficulties in filling its vacancies. Nature does not like a vacuum, the company could recover for his benefitthese talents left aside, in order to have sufficient capacity for innovation over the long term.

Ripple can additionally fish for the skills it needs, in Toronto’s local talent pool which is a technological center.

Last but not least, “crypto is one of the most exciting industries to work in,” says Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. The sector could benefit from a migration of workers technology companies and traditional finance, who aspire to a professional retraining project in cryptocurrencies.

With the opening of this new location in Toronto and this first step in Canada, Ripple remains on course for growth, although the company must, like its peers, face the bad weather affecting the sector. In addition to these turbulences which shake all the industry, the company waits to know the verdict of the legal battle which opposes it to the SEC for approximately one year and half.

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