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Bitcoin: crypto winter won’t put Bank of America investors to sleep

Always crypto-enthusiasts! – Among the major banks in the world, the Bank of America (BoA) is one of the most interestedor at least curiousabout Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. After conducting an investigation revealing that 90% of Americans are ready to buy cryptos within 6 months, the BoA releases a new report optimistic on the sector.

Despite the current bloodbath, the future of Bitcoin looks promising!

The Bank of America is very involved in studying the potential and use cases of crypto-assets. The big bank even recently organized a conference on the Web3 and the digital assets.

As CoinDesk reports in particular, the BoA has drafted a report of this meeting. She saw the participation of 160 of its professional clients. And obviously the current crypto winter does not scare these investors. Bank of America customers always seem enthusiastic for these disruptive technologies.

“Blockchain technology and the digital asset ecosystem are here to stay. (…) The interest of our customers [pour les cryptos] continues to grow, and the focus remains on the rapid development and revolutionary nature of blockchain technology, despite falling prices and media headlines suggesting the end of the ecosystem has come. »

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A ‘healthy’ crypto purge according to Bank of America customers

Rather than a disaster, the current crypto market decline is seen as an opportunity by wealthy BoA clients. A necessary correction and “probably healthy” for ecosystem development ” long-term “.

Institutions and companies have been waiting (desperately and for a long time) for a regulatory framework light to invest more heavily in crypto-assets. Which could “accelerate mainstream adoption” increasing the trust in this sector.

“(…) The next billion crypto users will likely require better bridges between the currency ecosystem fiat (fiat currencies) and that of cryptocurrencies. (…)”

A few years ago, the big money makers were rather systematically denigrate Bitcoin and cryptos. But now Bank of America is far from alone to encourage the cryptosphere despite this painful bearish phase. About ten days ago, this is the chief investment officer of the mega-fund BlackRock who said that “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are durable assets”.

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