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Bitcoin is dead for Bill Gates – Only a ‘crazy’ could still buy it

Bill Gates and cryptos, that’s 2 – Despite the still young History of Bitcoin (BTC), we have already lost count of the countless undertakers who announced the end of Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention. Bill Gates has never been a bitcoin fan, claiming that crypto was “not good for the climate”, while making trips himself by luxury yacht or private jet. This time, the billionaire treats the crypto investors of crazy and does not understand the craze around NFT.

A billionaire who did not buy cryptos, it exists

Did you know there are sites that keep track of how many times a media outlet or personality has declared Bitcoin dead? According to 99bitcoins for example, there would have already been 452 ads implying that “Bitcoin is screwed”.

If those who said it in 2010with a BTC at $0.23have to hide from shamemany are the vultures today returning above the cryptocurrency market… announcing the death of the weakest projects (and other bad apples).

Announced since 2010, the death of Bitcoin has still not arrived. – Source:

As Bitcoin struggles with all its might to stay above $20,000our friend Bill Gates made several statements for ” to help “ the cryptosphere to drown even more. In summary, the crypto sector would be no more and no less than a ponzi scheme if we listen to it:

“As an asset class, [la cryptomonnaie] is 100% based on the biggest fool theory: someone is going to pay more than me to acquire it. »

Bill Gates

Exactly as for stocks, real estate, gold, commodities and any investment actually no ? Which investor does not expect a capital gain?

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Bill Gates mocks the crypto sector by highlighting the euphoria of NFTs

Also at the same conference on climate, organized by tech Crunch, Bill Gates particularly drove home his conviction ofuselessness cryptocurrencies, citing the example of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Specifically targeting the series of NFTs from the collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), here it is sarcasm that sends the founder of Microsoft to the face of the sector:

“Obviously expensive digital images of monkeys are going to improve the world in a big way. »

Bill Gates

The only ” good ” news is that Bill Gates explains not to be “neither buyer nor seller on these things”, reaffirming that he does not own any crypto. Fortunately, the billionaire does not use his fortune to speculate against cryptocurrencies.

In a total opposite foot to the harbingers of death, another billionaire has a absolute confidence for Bitcoin. It is of course about Michael Saylorwho asserted that MicroStrategy would never let its bitcoins. She goes HODL (keep) all their BTC, without the slightest fear.

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