Bitcoin more and more eco-responsible, the figures that char the clichés

Bitcoin greener than Germany – Numerous initiatives, all over the world, have already proven time and again that Bitcoin (BTC) is not the caricature of a “useless energy-guzzling monster” made by green politicians (who are in no way green). The latest report from Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) definitely comes bury prejudices anti-Bitcoin claiming the environment.

The entire BTC mining industry: 25 times less energy intensive than air conditioning in the USA

The more time passes, the more companies mining of Bitcoin improve their production, to make it more efficient, and therefore less energy consuming. And, now that the China made the (finally happy) choice to prohibit crypto-mining without appeal of its soil, the use of energy non-CO emitting2 has become widely majority in the production of BTC.

The information is revealed by the latest report dated Bitcoin Mining Council. This association brings together no less than 44 mining companies of bitcoins, spread over the 5 continents. Together they represent more than 50% computing power (hashrate) produced for consensus by proof of work (PoW) of Bitcoin.

After recalling that the entire bitcoin mining industry only consumes that 0.16% (247 TWh) of the 154,750 TWh produced on the whole of the Earth – with only 0.085% CO emissions2 -, the BMC attacks the serious things (*cracks fingers*).

First vaporization of cliches with the comparison of crypto-mining against other energy spending sectors. Did you know that all of the energy spent mining BTC was 25.4 times lower to the energy needed to to air-condition only the United States? Or 107.2 times less energy-intensive than houses and residential buildings?

The entire bitcoin mining consumes 247 TWh (the little green bar, far left) – Source:

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What is green Germany waiting for to become as green as Bitcoin?

The States and certain policies are often the first to slander Bitcoin and Proof of Work, for example lacking little have them banned in the European Unionwanting to follow the example of China.

Yet the BTC mining sector is already much more focused on green energies than some countries claiming to be in full ecological transition. The graph below still hurts popular ideas, since we discover that crypto-mining is already using more sustainable energy than virtuous Germany or the European Union.

If this share of green energy is already 58.4% for the sector as a whole, the members of the BMC are soon even approaching two-thirds (64.6%) energy sources with low CO emissions2 (hydroelectric, wind, solar, nuclear or geothermal). This, while Germany has still not exceeded half (48.5%), and the world average is only 21.7%.

Bitcoin is much greener than Germany or the EU.
Bitcoin mining is the most sustainable energy-oriented in the world – Source:

Here, here. False ideas have taken for their rank. Especially since the walk towards a Bitcoin getting greener is only accelerating. Companies You’re here, block and Blockstream have recently joined forces to build a large BTC mining farm based solely on renewable energies (solar and wind power).

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