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Bitcoin puts on moon boots and lands on Avalanche

Avalanche (AVAX) welcomes the Bitcoin (BTC) in its ecosystem, by launching a transfer feature announced earlier this year.

See you in AVAX lands for Bitcoin

Bitcoin meets its holders on the other side of the Avalanche Bridge. Cryptocurrency now has a “packaged” form on the AVAX platform. In most common, an equivalent of Bitcoin – baptized BTC.b – will now be transferable to Avalanche.

For bitcoiners, this opening of the AVAX ecosystem to Bitcoin rhymes with new possibilities for earnings and returns, via the BTC.b token which gives access to DeFi protocols hosted on the platform.

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At the Core of BTC bridging at AVAX

It also returns to the front of the stage with the announcement of this native Bitcoin support by the Avalanche Bridge.

He it is the core walletpresented in Barcelona, ​​to the applause of the participants of the Avalanche Summit, in March of this year.

The wallet is currently a go-to passage for Bitcoin holders interacting with decentralized applications on the AVAX platform.

And pending a future update, Core extension for browsers – Where Core Browser Extension – remains, to this day, the only wallet that allows the sending of bitcoins in the form of BTC.b on Avalanche.

By linking these two worlds with the launch of the new functionality of its bridge, Avalanche hopes for a wave of BTC on its platform. The big brother Bitcoin now borrows the same bridge as the ERC-20 tokens of its younger sibling Ethereum (ETH) to take full advantage of decentralized finance.

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