BMW launches an offer to catch up with those tempted by Tesla and its Superchargers

BMW offers charging at all Ionity network terminals to all customers who buy a new electric model this year.

As we know, manufacturers must all green their range and reduce their CO2 emissions. Indeed, since last year, the latter have been subject to the CAFE regulations put in place by the European Union, severely sanctioning brands whose range emits too many greenhouse gases. And the fines climb quickly, up to €95 per car sold and per gram above the set limit.

Suffice to say that the automotive brands therefore have every interest in reducing their sales of thermal models and accelerating the pace on the electric. And everything is good to get there, whether it’s thanks to the ecological bonus, of course, but not only. Indeed, many manufacturers offer discounts and other more or less important commercial gestures, in order to encourage customers to switch to zero-emissions.

An attractive offer

This is precisely the case of BMW, which has just announced the establishment of a commercial offer for the less interesting. Indeed, the Munich firm has decided to offer one year of free charging on all terminals of the Ionity network to all its new customers. All those deciding to buy a new model from the manufacturer’s electric range will then be eligible for this gesture, which should appeal to the most hesitant.

BMW iX M60

All zero-emission models in the catalog are therefore concerned, whether the new BMW iX3, i4 and iX, as well as the future BMW i7, rival of the Tesla Model S and soon to be made official. On the other hand, we note that the small city car i3 is excluded from this offer, probably because it should soon leave the range. The future iX1, which will arrive later in the range, is not concerned either.

A promotional code

Once the purchase is finalized, it will still be necessary to make a few small operations to take advantage of the offer. Indeed, a maximum of ten days after delivery, a promotional code seen will be sent. You will then have thirty days to register it in the BMW Charging app, having previously created an account. Finally, you will also be asked to enter the chassis number of the newly acquired vehicle.

Once all this has been done, you can then connect for free for one year to all of the 500 Ionity terminals in France, spread over 10 stations. At the end of this trial, you will then have to subscribe to a subscription or pay each charge individually.

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